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About Old Java

PT Mebel Jawa is the producer of the Old Java Brand. We are located one hour south of Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta. Old Java offers an extensive array of contemporary and classical furniture produced by a combination of traditional woodmaking skills, handcrafted detailing and modern machinery.

Why buy Old Java Furniture...?

  • Kiln Drying

    Old Java has its own on-site kilns to dry all its wood, to 8% moisture content prior to manufacturing. This, combined with our modern joinery and mass production techniques, minimises the risk of wood movement after shipment.

  • Old Java has a Theme

    Our products are designed in ranges and groupings to create a coordinated theme. Customers can buy our items over time safe in the knowledge that the appearance will not change.

  • Wide Product Range

    Old Java has a very wide and ever growing product range, with something to suit all tastes.

  • Superior Packing

    Old Java double packs every item prior to loading into containers. The first layer is wax paper to protect the finish, and the second layer is thick corrugated carton to protect the wood from accidental damage in transit. All glass is protected with polystyrene and all upholstery is covered with plastic wrap.

  • Waxed Patina Finish

    Old Java has a special wax patina finish which gives the wood an “inner glow”. Of course wood needs to be properly looked after, but maintenance is easy with wax and stain removers.

  • Old Java is Innovative

    We are regularly introducing new ideas, such as contemporary designs using natural light coloured finishes. Because we are always moving forward, there will always be something new available.

  • Individual look for specialist retailers

    Old Java’s individual look offers retailers the opportunity to create a unique appearance to their showroom settings.

  • Added Value

    Old Java is a leader in offering additional services to customers to help them sell the product. We have a B2B web site with a full catalogue and online ordering system. With our computer graphics department we offer the capability to produce advertising, marketing and promotional materials on CD-ROM or hard copy.

  • Exclusivity

    Old Java’s products are only available through carefully selected outlets. You will not have to worry about competing with other nearby showrooms.




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Contact Us

Address :
Jl. Pancasila V no. 66
Desa Cicadas, Gunung Putri
Bogor, Jawa Barat 16964

Phone : (+6221)-867 0786
Fax : (+6221)-867 0785

Email : enquiries@oldjava.com

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